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Jay D Cann
I love your music and style ros

Your version of Hotel California is blocked here in the USA. I cannot hear again, but would like to.
hi, sorry, i know that, I can not do anything leende
Dave Melnick

You are your father's daughter! What can I say but wonderful young lady. I love listening and watching you play. Beautiful!

Thank you.


James Lytle
Would live to see you tour the United States. Love your music!
Ronald Cambest
You have a beautiful attack and perspective on songs. Fantastic!
Anthony Blondell
Gabriella it just begins to scratch the surface to say how awesome,pure,and precise your playing is. You really get all you can out of those sweet Taylor guitars. When you play it really touches my soul, it makes me want to sing and even sometimes cry. When I have a bad day or am down and I watch you on YouTube your music helps me and I have to say your smile melts my heart. hjärta Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You are truely blessed. Also would you ever consider doing Telsa Love Song or Travis Tritt Anymore? Just thought I would ask. Take care and God bless.
Thank you leende
Virtuosa! ... gracias por compartir tu trabajo maravilloso. ros
Hello GABRIELLA , GREETINGS FROM THE STATE OF LOUISIANA , UNITED STATES !You are a lovely young lady and I really enjoy your guitar playing !I watch your videos nightly and would love to purchase a autographed picture of you for my room or purchase a cd of your work !I play guitar but am inspired by you ! May you and your family be blessed and happy forever !
Hello Gabriella ;)
Would you like to listen the music of this song, in French?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aOLW_R9-E4&start _radio=1&list=RD2aOLW_R9-E4
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfSBIXHqot4&start _radio=1&list=RDkfSBIXHqot4
I will be very happy to listen your adaptation if you like it!
I wish you nice musical explorations,
Richard A Hayes
Youtube video was great. If you ever come to Charleston SC in USA, you need to play at the Charleston Music Hall - great venue, and you would be a hit!!!
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