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Mark Hubert
Your guitar playing is phenomenal and quite enjoyable to listen to. You have amazing talent and I hope you continue to find success. I look forward to enjoying your videos as you release them. Keep up the great work and stay humble. Great job!! leende
Koji Kimura
Gabriella un saludo desde México, mi inglés es pésimo por eso espero alguien te pueda traducir mis lineas. Me ha encantado tu estilo y por ello te felicito. Me me gustaria llevar tus interpretaciones a todos lados, ¿tienes grabaciones que pueda comprar por internet?. Muchas gracias por tocar y por favor jamas dejes de hacerlo. Espero algun dia verte tocar en vivo. Saludos.

Koji Kimura
Gracias leendei do not have any cds yet
John Couture
Just found you on YouTube and have been listening ever since. Thank you for the great music.
Hello Gabriella
i just come to listen "one" and just discovered your video,
thanks for this good time !! !
Can you send your "one's tablatures" please, if it's possible, i wish learn and works your method.
Chris Sop (french little guitarist) sorry of my english level Thanks

I adore your performance, what an absolute blessing!

A Fan ros
Dan Razzano
I love the way you play but how you arrange these songs is unbelievable. I view your playing through utube and I am spreading the word. I have been playing for over 40 years and don't come close to the way you play. Keep the songs coming and if you ever come to Philadelphia put it out there. Thanks for the music, Dan
You are an incredibly beautiful and talented young lady. Your guitar music is just beautiful and I could listen for hours. Please continue your incredible career and I will continue to tummen
Michael A Rodriguez
I love your style of music. When are you coming to North America.
I would love to watch your concert.
A FAn , Michael
Thierry Harvey
Nice interpretation of pink floyd
do you show your tabs?
thx 4 answer
Justin Gossett of Griffin,Georgia USA
I came across one of your videos while trying to learn better techniques for finger picking guitars. My grandfather used to be able to finger pick amazingly and he got me into playing as no one else in my family does. Now that he has passed I have gotten his older Taylor 310CE that he used to play on and I am learning on that. Love your play style and guitars as well, gotta love Taylors. I'm a little older than you at 27 but I think I will be darn good at it over the next few years. Anyways we in the USA would welcome you anytime.
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