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  stort flin undrande lugn gråter dreglar glad arg ledsen sömnig leende förvånad retsam hjärta ros tummen upp tummen ner
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David Hare
Finger Style and a smile.
Ali Reda
I am so lucky to join your list of super super fans. You should be considered on top 3 list in your play (internationally).
Best of luck on your career and I am 110% behind you. To me you are the very best. tummen upp hjärta ros
Bueno, solo pasaba a saludar!!
debo admitir que el día de hoy conocí tu canal,solo quería decirte que me inspiraste con la primera vez que te escuche,me hicistes pensar con tu melodia que yo tambien puedo puedo crear cosas maravillosas si me lo propongo. por ello, muchas gracias!! seguiré escuchándote.! stort flin stort flin
Thank you leende
Juan José Chinchilla Alfaro
Hi What kind of guitar do you recommend me to start
Hi, you need to test different guitars and see which one suits you best, so I did leende
Edgar Morales
hola me gustaría saber de donde sacaste o si me compartirías tu Tabla tura o partitura de "Goodbye Blue Sky" me gusta como tocas y estas muy bonita leende
Fernando Lizarazu
I reeally like your work, I find it sweety and Congratulations! fingerstyle is wonderful. Thanks, to your work I feel happiness.
Yours, Fernando glad
Rich Garwell
I'm 45 years old and from Beloit, WI. USA. I have "toyed" with guitars for many years and just recently started formal lessons. Youtube video after video led me to you and your AMAZING talent and work! You are truly breathtaking to listen to! Thank you so much for your years of hard work for my entertainment and inspiration!
James Garcia
Thank God you are doing well I love your music and your dedication to your craft.I could listen all day, and I do, God bless you beautiful person!!!!!!
Richard Wiley
I love your music and try to follow you online. Living in Texas I have always liked guitar music but yours is in another beautuful world. I would love to buy your music but cannot find it. Please tell me where I can buy A CD, akbum, whatever.
Андрей Б
Это лучшее что я когда либо слышал, самое доброе. Спасибо Габриэлоч&# 1082;а что ты есть на белом свете. Всегда с удовольст&# 1074;ием читаю, смотрю и слушаю все твои новости.
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