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Gabriella, I think you should check for the music of this man:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_MLik6qax8 His name is Alexnder Dolsky. I believe there is something close to the things you are looking for in music.
For sure his manner is very very far from european popular music but he is definetly a fingerstyle guitarist leende His music is very gently and he is the first I think about when listen to your perfomance.
There are some of his songs in this video - may be you'll find it interesting.

A lot of thanks for your wonderful music from the heart of Russia
melvin harris
Do you ever come to the U.S.A. Not really sure what the Guestbook is intended for
Absolute exceptional talent. Sensational! Will there be another tour in 2018? Greetings from Switzerland :-)
can i have the guitab of only hope by mandy moore thank ypu
Jason Boyd
Hi Gabriella -- I'm a big fan. Wanted to ask, do you have tablature available for any of your arrangements? I would happily buy such if it existed, trying to learn from your playing leende
Bob Donnelly
Keep getting better at what you love to do. You are already really good. I enjoy your playing. If you have any CD's published I would like to go out and buy them. Send the titles to me.
ronald lancaster
You are fantastic.
Greetings Gabriella, I just wanted to say how much I love you and your music ! I would love to hear you sing as well. I hope you are well and happy in every way ! leende
Andre Botha
I am from far away South Africa and just love your finger style. My other favourite guitarist is Toni Lindgren.
Best wishes.
Alan Fenter
Amazing talent!! Thank you for being inspiring to an amateur guitar player myself!
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