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Bob Stukey 
Fantastic music with the cover of George Harrison's Here Comes the Sun of course that is one of my all time favorite songs and you were impeccable. May your career and talent flourish. tummen upp
Dom Glithero 
Hi Gabriella

Just another fan with massive admiration for you incredible talent. I too am a Tommy Emmanuel. I met him in a café in Melbourne in 1995 a while after he was warmup for Tina Turner.

I first picked up a guitar at 16 but sadly didn't put the immense amount of work in that you have.

Your you-tube videos rock and your arrangements fantastic. I hope one day you gig in the UK. I'll be there.

I wish you the very best of luck with your music career. You are bound for stardom.

Janet Holmes 
Saw your video of Hotel California last year,for me was the first time I had heard of You. Sad It is now not allowed in the US because of copyrights. My husband played lead guitar in a band in the late 60's and my family get to gathers are of music. Bless you and your talent. Hope to hear more from you. tummen upp
Brette Elizabeth 
I practice my vocals to your acoustic guitar music on YouTube. Absolutely stunning! Your amazing style brings out the truest emotions in my voice. You have talent, girl!
Damico David 
Your very good on it keep it up gorgeous 😍😍😍
Bonjour Gabriella,

Je viens de découvrir une vidéo sur YouTube et je suis émerveillé par votre façon de jouer. En fermant les yeux, on a l'impression qu'il y a plusieurs musiciens qui jouent chacun sa partition: un bassiste, un guitariste et un percussionniste ! C'est merveilleux (Amazing)
Vous exploitez à merveille toutes les possibilité de votre guitare.
Je vous écouterais pendant des heures !
Bravo !
Et merci pour votre joli sourire...
I really like your style of your playing!!! ros
Rick Allerding 
Just found you and your music on You Tune , your playing of , hear comes the sun , is out of this world ! I've watched it 30 times , and showing it to my family & friends ! They all love it too ! Why not come to the U.S.? You ever hear of Chet Atkins ? I have not heard such music from a guitar sence he was popular in the 60's & 70's. If you respond , it would make my life ! Take care , and keep picking ! Your new fan , Rick ( come to the U.S. ! tummen upp
Kevin Milihs 
Do you have any plans to play in the United States?
Really impressed by your music, do you have any metallica covers? hjärta
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