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  stort flin undrande lugn gråter dreglar glad arg ledsen sömnig leende förvånad retsam hjärta ros tummen upp tummen ner
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Louis-Jean Braye 
dreglar hjärta ros tummen upp
you are jungo rhenart in girl
fantastic sound say me for buy you albun cd kiss a good day!
Gary Kozlowski 
When are you coming to USA?

Would love to see live show.

Keep up the good work. :-)
David Bradford 
Great to see your YouTube clips. Hope your CD comes out soon. All the best with your tour! Best wishes, David
Tuomo Oksanen 
You play like an angel and your smile is like angel , it's perfect !
hjärta Tuomo
Bonjour et merci.
A premier morceau "hotel california" énorme émotion et pendant "Here Comes The Sun" les larmes sont montées ...
Do you have any tabs for the songs you played? I would like to learn them. I'm not really good at learning songs by ear. Btw you are very talented, have a nice day!
great guitarist, all the best from Italy
mike duffy 
mikeduffy29@gmail .com 
you are incredibly talented,,and I love so many of the songs you,ve covered,,continued success,,,i can,t wait to hear more !
Dear Gabriella,

do you plan to play in Germany? I would be pleased so much to may have the possibility to join a concert of yours here.

I love your interpretation of songs! Listening to them makes my life much more pleasant.

Best wishes
Thank You leende
I have played in Germany a few times, hoping I can do konserer there again
dat tran vinh 
Hi Gabriella, I am from Viet Nam, I am is your fan when I saw you play hotel california. I really want to make frient with you via 0918419933 on zalo or viber. I want to study guitar with hotel california tab, could you help me?
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