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Joseph Karkula
Love your music, God bless
Thomaz de Aquino Alves Fonseca
I'm here in your website and what i can say leende well, i follow you at 4 or 5 year in youtube, facebook, twitter and now i'm here, i love listen you play guitar and i hope one day can see you playing guitar in my country and buy your DVD. i'm Brazilian and your fan, for me you're the best Gabriella, i only wish that God bless you and all your dreams. ros for you dear friend glad
Mike O'Leary
Gabriella, I am a 65 year old Minnesota born and bread rock and roll lover. Your style of guitar playing is the best I have heard since Mason Williams "Classical Gas." I like yours even better than his original from 1968. Come play in Minnesota at our state fair. tummen upp ros
Sean Morhan
you are a rare and amazingly talented beauty

when i watch you play guitar i am simply mesmerized

on top of being hugely talented, you are absolutely GORGEOUS

thank you for sharing your gift with us via youtube?
check out crown of the continent guitar festival.. an come to bigfork Montana,, pleeese
Hi Gabriella, is there any chance to do arrangement to Empty Bottle by Archive? That would be magic! :-) Thank you for your music anyway and God bless you!
Bobby Moore
Just wanted to say You have a great talent. Wish I could play as well as you but now have Arthritis in my left hand now. hjärta ros tummen
james threadgill
You are very talented.
Timo Särkinen
Hola Gabriella!
Vet inte hur många vänner du har i Finland, men här kommer en JÄTTEKRAM av en som blivit förälskad in ditt spelande! Jag blev hypnotiserad när jag såg dig första gången på Youtube, för att du spelar som en ängel. Hoppas vi får se dig ngn gång även här i Finland. Tackar dig för härlig musik!
Tack så Mycket leende
I Love You Gabriella
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