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Just wanted to say You play amazing
Hi from Canada.
really love how you play. Really nice listening.But please tell me where i could buy your music
Wayne S. 
Hello Gabriella,

Just watched your version of "Blackbird". You made it look so easy and at the same time sound so good. Still waiting on the CD.

Keep on plucking, Wayne. retsam
Hello Gabriella, It is really nice what you do. I saw many of your Videos on YouTube, like them all tummen upp hjärta You inspired me hjärta and I think you inspire many people. I started playing guitar, had my first lesson today. I just want to say thank you! Keep your pretty smile ros Mat
Fil Ybanez 
Just heard your music and it help me remember why I love the sound of an acoustic guitar.. so real that it gives soul to a song without lyrics.. maybe someday I could listen to you live..
Cenek Jaluska 
Dear Gabriella,
your music is very nice. When I have hard work a like listening to your music. I hope, that you visit to center of Europe. Bay and I wisch you a lot of new song bye cenda ros
John Seward 
Have you ever arranged Hello by Lionel Ritchie? BTW I love your style!
Steve Romeo 
As a guitarist who has returned to playing after a 40 year hiatus, I cannot believe the beautiful sounds you get from a nylon string guitar. In addition to your brilliant sense of rhythm, the freestyle of your fingerpicking is awesome. It is impossible to take my eyes off your fingers! Will you be touring in the USA? Hopefully one stop will be The Smith Center in Las Vegas? Is TAB available for "Billie Jean"? Thank you so much for the incredible enjoyment of watching your videos.
Martin D 
There are not enough superlatives to describe the phenomenal talent you possess. Your hard work and dedication combined with your rare talent makes you an inspiration to all of us who will follow your career. Keep shining with your heavenly music. Embrace and continue to enjoy your stardom. Your playing is uplifting, mind blowing and makes me happy as well as happy for you. Love to see you in concert one day. God bless you, Gabriella. Keep on inspiring and impressing us all. tummen upp tummen upp
Jim Caveman 
This is a belated Happy 20th Birthday wish! I enjoy your YouTube videos, you play some of my favorite songs. I played the guitar a bit in my younger days (I'm 63). From Florida I wish you many more years of pickin'.
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