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Niresh Roy
I like to listen to your guitar music and your style of playing guitar
kevin grubbs
Hi from alaska Gabriella. I've been playing on and off for many years. Thanks so much for sharing your musical gifts with youtube, tab and skill. I am learning alot from you and love your style. I'm currently working on aerosmith I don't want to miss a thing. hjärta
Sincèrement très plaisante, avec des chansons relaxante pour l'auditeur. Visiblement une concentration sensible pour donner la tonalité parfaite. Merci.
Uwe K. Schick
Hej Gabriella,
it was an astonishing case that a collegue gave me an invitation poster of a concert for fingerstyle and jazz guitarists, although I can't play guitar, but searching on the internet for the players I discovered you. And I think you do it more than very well. It was very surprising how one can play melody, base and even rhythm in this age of life. I learned piano myself as you did with your guitar, so be assured that I can imagine the genius and endurance that sticks in your play. I only can add: go on further, it's fond to hear you while being so young. Best regards Uwe.
Felipe Stein
Great tallent! Always a pleasure to see your videos on youtube. Hope you continue forever. It seems that you play with your soul... congrats from Brazil!
John Ferro
Gabriella, I have played Guitar since I was a child. Studied classical and fingerstyle. Truly a deep love of playing. Several years ago I developed a condition known as Scleroderma. A hardening of the skin and my finger tips have painful ulcers. Sadly I can no longer play at all. I now listen to you play everyday and your love and talent with the guitar lifts my spirit, makes me so happy.. and for a moment forget the pain as my fingers move to try and mimic your arrangements. Thank you - Thank You so much for your special gift to this old man!!
Oh sorry, thank you and greetingsleende
Oscar Eugenio Lara
Con "goodbye blue sky" me mataste ; te felicito desde Chile , Machali, Rancagua.
Hi Gabriella.. I'm Aravindh from India. I use to watch your fingerstyle covers in youtube. You are amazing.. I play rhythm and bgm in my church. I love fingerstyle arrangements but i don't have classical guitar. Since from the beginning i play fingerstyle in steel string guitar. Now my only doubt is can i learn fingerstyle in acoustic or should i learn classical style. Thank you tummen upp
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Jorge Mattus
Gabriella. Impresionante como sacas musica de tus guitarras. Hoy todo el dia viendo tus videos. Mis favoritos Don´t look bacy y Dream on. Mucho talento, saludos desde Cordoba - Argentina.
Gracias leende
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