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Dear, Gabriella
Perhaps, you may be interested in playing some of these song(Classic Russian Rock)
Nautilus Pompilius - ???????? ?? ????
??? - ?????
???? - ???????? ????
???? - ?????? ?? ????? ??????
Ray Moon
Hi Gabriella, Just wanted to tell you how much I love and admire and respect you.
Love you always,
Bob Marshock
Greetings From South Florida USA! Your music is INCREDIBLE! I have made it a point to play other youtube videos with other fingerstyle guitarists that play the same songs that you do and while yes, they are good, they are not as good as you!! Your music seems to flow right from your heart. My absolute favorites are the 3:49 minute version of Classical Gas, Stairway to Heaven, Dream On, Smells like teen spirit, Blackbird, (T-ara) Don't Leave, And I would have to say my most favorite right now is Paddy Sun Sunflower. Sooo Beautiful! And you turned Smells Like Teen Spirit into a song that anyone of any age and with any musical preference could love. GREAT JOB!!!! Your family and friends must be soo proud of you ! I know if I was your dad the tears would just pour out of my eyes any time you performed on stage. I have not had a chance to listen to all your music yet but I was thinking I would love to hear your version of Love Alive by Heart. It seems like a song that you would do well at but even though I love music, I have no talent for playing any instruments so I don't know, maybe it wouldn't sound so good as an instrumental. But if anybody could do it, you can!! But if you really aren't crazy about the song, no worries. You have plenty of great music now! Anyway, take good care and keep up the GREAT work!!! Bob
Thank you leende
Kyler Stenersen
Your way of playing is absolutely amazing, you have truly inspired me leende
Joe Isenbart
I love seeing your work online. You are amazing. I hope you decide to do something in the US soon!

I watched some of your videos when you started on youtube. It is really amazing what you have reached in the last Years! tummen upp

Greetings from Germany lugn
Michael Faust
Hey Gabriella I love your playing!!!! Do you have tunings posted somewhere? I'd love to try to learn your version of Floyd's Goodbye Blue Skies. What tuning are you using?
Thank you for responding and thank you so much for posting your music. You are an inspiration!!!!
Varsh Farazdel
Love the frequencies you put out there and the way you do it! Thank you! ros
Ronald Rought
I just found your music and many years ago I learned how to finger pick, and fell in love with that style. At 60 years old I am looking to get back to playing again. You have totally inspired me! Thank you so very much!!! hjärta ros
Thank you leende
Kartik Krishnan
Hey Gabriella,

I too am a huge fan of Sungha and am an aspiring fingerstyle guitarist. I absolutely love your videos. Im going off to college next year and will definitely keep updated!
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