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Larry O'Neal
I really enjoy hearing and watching you play. It's wonderful.
Duncan Du Bois
Paul McCartney and George Harrison must be delighted at your stunning renditions of their songs.
You are a truly gifted guitarist!
Peeter Joot
Your playing is enchanting and amazing. I've listened to your youtube playlists a number of times, including many songs for which I don't like the originals!
Alan, Wellington New Zealand
Found your covers on YouTube. Amazing beautiful! I can't stop listening.
Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California, Dust in the Wind... all favourites of mine from the days of my youth.
Thank you for sharing your talent and beauty.
You are magic and magnificent! A joy to listen to plus your smile is the icing on the cake!
Thank you for your music. A pleasure to watch and listen to. A request : Please do the theme song from Forrest Gump!
Glen Volk
No Website
Hi Gabriella,

I am a fan. I try to cover your arrangements. I am sure you are asked for the sheet music often. It would be great if you could provide it. It would be fair for you to charge for it. I hope you will consider it. I am 60 and started playing 12 years ago. So it is very tough to learn your arrangements using video, tho I do get the job done. They are never really approaching your level however.

I hope you will create a link to your arrangements soon. I will be your first of many customers.

All the best,

Hi Gabriella
I've discovered your videos yesterday on YT and was fascinated by your art from the first note on. You play these cover versions with such ease and passion that one feel like being carried on wings in a warm storm of dulcet harmonies and chords. It's almost unbelievable that you only started playing guitar only eight years ago. Other players will never be so good in their whole lives. Thank you very much for bringing these good vibes into the world. If you should ever play in Switzerland, what I really hope, I will sit in the first row to hear every single note you play. tummen upp
ros And the rose is for your heartwarming smile at the end of your videos.
Ray Perez
Amazing young lady..Your talent is superb..I enjoy your arrangement very much..adios. tummen upp
Excellent picking. If you ever get to Memphis would love to hear you play. Keep up the good work. ros
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