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Hakan KARA
Do not look at the bug for my bad english google translate ledsen
I've downloaded all your videos. Even in my car I listen to you. more videos please. Thank you. I love you.
Brian Sevilla
Thank You for your great playing. I love your variation on Another Brick in the Wall Part 2. Your finger picking style combined with your lightest touch set my soul on fire. If you ever came to play live in los angeles i would definately go. hjärta
León Ángel González Tous
Tocas la guitara increíble y me gustaría que me enviaras a mi e-mail vídeos de esas magníficas interpretaciones de esas canciones de antaño.
Vale? Recibe un abrazo de felicitación, afecto y admiración.
Bruce Heavenor
I just discovered your music on youtube today. Thank you for all that you give. It is great to listen to your music.
Cheers, Bruce
rosTrès bonne pièce de musique que avez'''! hjärta
Gabriella I have just found you on you tube and am blown away.I have played for 51 years for my own enjoyment,but you are far better.Love your covers of beatles tunes especially.have you any plans to come to u.k ? (Nottingham please). tummen upp
Vicky Goss
You are very talented. I came across your videos on Youtube and listen to them every day. I told all of my friends about you and they've also heard of you. God has blessed you with a great talent and I am glad to see you using it. I can tell you work very hard and practice. What a gift you are to the world!

Mobile, Alabama USA
Bill Tomlinson
Undoubtedly one of the best guitarists I have ever seen, young or old. A rare talent to be treasured....and beautiful also ros!
Steve Alexander
Hello Gabriella
I just watched a few more of your videos on you tube. You are amazing! I love your smile and happy eyes, everything together brings a happiness to the soul. Thank you.
Reini Wick
I appreciate your style very much.
All the best from Switzerland! tummen upp
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