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I'm going to assume that you know spanish because you have latinamerican descent.

Hoy te escuché por primera vez
y me hiciste regresar en el tiempo.
Diez años por lo menos, cuando solía tocar.
En cada nota sentí un respeto y un amor por lo que haces.

Gracias y sigue plasmando tu alma en cada acorde.
Ed Fast
you are an inspiration.
William Murphy
I love your music. Such a great talent.
Have just found some of your videos on utube and I think you are an incredible guitar player at such a young age. Thank You very much for sharing your talent with me as well as everybody else. Will be watching for more of your videos. Remember to keep a positive attitude. I see a great future ahead for you and your guitar.
Anna Petrocelli
Do you have a CD?
Hello, Gabriella! I am from Russia, my father liked your arrangement of Another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd and your creativity. He want ask you notes, if you do not mind) undrande
Jesus M. Labrador
Hi Gabriela, since I discovered you on Youtube I've been hooked on you. I think you have a great talent and besides being very pretty. I'd love to hear you play Al Stewart's "The year of the cat."
Keep falling in love with your music
Hi Miss Quevedo

I am an older rock guitarist and have just discovered your incredibly beautiful guitar art. Gorgeous and you are even more sympathetic + pretty.

I used my guitar solos to perform in my shows with burning guitar and triple somersault on the trampoline in Switzerland. But that is probably the only thing I can do better than you ...

By the way: and maybe you assure your great elastic fingers for at least a million ... hahahaha

All the best in your future: Stefan
truly excellent stuff, I came across your videos because I' m a David Gilmour fan, but you are not inferior at all. keep at it and best wishes
Steve B
do you do the song sailing by christopher cross...i play pretty good guitar...just would like to see your style on it...thanks
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