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Kim Walsh
Hi Gabriella, I just wanted to tell you that your arrangement of "What a Wonderful World" was absolutely beautiful. It was one of my mothers favorite songs. She passed away in 1998, and whenever I hear that song, it brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart thinking about her. Thank you for your beautiful rendition of it. hjärta
Richard Durand
I really love your guitar playing. I just happened on some of your YouTube videos today and I have not been able to stop listening to them. Are you ever going to be coming to North America ??
Hi Are you going to have CDs of your music this year?
Are you touring the USA in the near future?
Thank you for sharing your fingerstyle guitar playing, I love it????
I love your arrangement for aerosmith dream on!! Just spent some hours in Dubai airport listening to it! I wish i could be as a good guitar player as you!! Thanks!
Arturo Adasme
Hola, felicitaciones, eres una gran ejecutante...tienes alguna pagina de tutoriales...?
Aaron Burgess
Best of luck to you...hope you make it to the US soon for a tour.
hi from moscow! really like your playing the guitar. good luck
Yoshinori SHIMIZU, Mr.
Dear Gabriella
I am a Japanese amateur acoustic & classic guitar plyer (I am still novice, though). I am always impressed by your guitar play. I always listen to your play while I am working. I missed your 2016 concert in Japan. Please visit Japan again !!
Jun Xu
Hi Gabriella, your "You're beautiful" is the best one I've ever heard, would you please tell me how to get the tab? Thanks and looking forward to more great music from you. tummen upp
Alexandre Schober
Just awesome
(me, from Brazil)
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