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Larry Sparkman
you are an inspiration. Thanks to sharing your talent. I will forever be a fan and have begun to work harder at improving my guitar playing because of you.
Hola Gabri te acabo de conocer en la web y ya están tus fanáticos escuchando (Pink Floyd) Another Brick In The Wall.
escucharte durante horas tratando de entender el ajuste, es difícil, a pesar de que estoy esperando que se ponga en el sitio ULTIMATE GUITAR TABS. stort flin
e en anticipación, me volveré loco.
ps: saludos también Sungha Jung e Tommy Emmanuel tummen upp
Dein virtuoses Gitarrespiel bringt so viele Emotionen in mir hoch. Du bist die Beste! Ich liebe Dich! hjärta
Clifford Bressette
Hi Gabriella, Wonderful Music!, you are a great talent. I look forward to listening to your music every day. Any plans on coming to New York?
Dan Lynch
Do you have nay sheet music or guitar tabs for your arrangements?
No, sorry leende
jerrod yates
Hello. What model, Taylor guitar do you use?
Hi leende
Taylor GC Custom
Taylor 812CE
Taylor 912CE
Luis Sanchez
Hola Gabriella,espero te encuentres bien.
Oye una peticion, solamente I like to know if you would like to make a video with the theme "The Good,The Bad and The Ugly"
Comp.by Ennio Morricone....
Thanks a lot in advance
Love all of your videos!!!
Take care...
hjärta hjärtaTout simplement splendide !!!! hjärta
Recently I became a fan of your guitar work. I myself have not learned to play, but I'm trying to teach my son, bought him a guitar in Barcelona and now he goes to free courses, but he is very lazy at home. I do not know how to deal with this ... I'll wait for your new work on youtube, thank you, you're the best! ros
Eward S Straks

I happened to see your video while watching here comes the Sun played by George Harrison. I watched more of your videos and I couldn't believe it.

Can anyone play the guitar that good??
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