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Charles Wathen 
Love your smaile at the end of your songs. You look like my grand daughter.
Vern Atkinson 
Hello from New Zealand ^_^

It's very inspirational to watch you play, I watch your videos a few times and turn up the speakers, it makes me want to keep practicing, so thanks for keeping me inspired and making it easier for me to want to practice. Hotel California over 15 million views that's awesome! Well Done ^_^ Keep them coming.
Will Becker 
Love your playing style. You really pay attention to the silence between the notes so your phrasing is wonderful. Hope to attend a concert in USA sometime.
William (Willie) Freytes 
Gabriella: I am a Puertorican (Vega Baja, Puerto Rico) admirer, and I really enjoy listening/watching your music. Keep up the good work, Kid !!! tummen upp
Jeroen de Boer 
What a great artist you are! For some weeks my son Bram, 9 years old, has begun his guitar lessons. On youtube I saw several apperiences and I love it! What a sound and what a beautiful instrument is the acoustic gitar. Hopefully you come in The Netherlansds someday and can we visit you. On youtube I am now an abonnee. Success with your arrangements. Kind regards Jeroen and Bram
Danny Jasiczek 
Anxiously awaiting your EP release.
Erik Forestier 
Har som pensionär på nytt tagit upp mitt gitarrspelande, det jag övergav för 30 år sedan. Oerhört både inspirerande och lärorikt att se och höra dig spela.
Tack /Erik F 69 bast
Hi Gabrielle, I have just spent many hours watching you play on Youtube - fantastic. So young and so beautiful as well. Thank you. Ken xx
Hi from Belarus. I hope you'll visit us with tour leende
Tman the Guitarman (Tim Schott) 
Do you have a CD? Or do you plan on recording any of your beautiful arrangements for us fans to purchase? God bless you leende
Thank you leende I have plans to record CD soon
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