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Peter Hamilton
Peter Hamilton
Such ability to further explore some of the best music of the past 50 yrs, to bring a 4th dimension to such lovely music. Peter
Peter Hamilton
Your playing evokes very strong images beyond those of the writer/performer. You have a true gift plus come to Chicago....chow. Peter
Josh Massey
I've only just discovered you this week and fallen in love. Your music is incredible. Tour England. Manchester would love your cover of 'don't look back in anger'
Francesco Averna
Simply outstanding!!!!!!
All the best!
How about your first record????
Bill Farley
You are a fantastic guitar player and I love your technical abilities.

It would be awesome to hear some your own songs and the more emotional side to your playing.

Anyway, I'm a great fan and hope to hear more from you in the future years to come.

Thank you for your inspiration!

Randy De Kler
Love your music! Hope you are able and willing to tour the U.S. soon. Best of luck with your art. hjärta
Ron Torres
Hello. Just happened to see you on You Tube. Wow...stunning talent. I love the Beatles and saw your version of Here Comes the Sun. I am hooked on your style. Keep on picking away.
Ron--Albuquerque, NM (USA)
Peter Mul
Hi Gabriella,

Last year I shared a video of you on my Facebook, which got nice responses. Then I unfortunately lost track of you.

But the nice thing of Facebook is that it remembers what you have brabbled before, so I saw my old message back and I looked at your Youtube channel.

In one word 'Fantastic'

If you ever come to Holland, keep me informed!
Jim Jarvis
Hi Gabriella! I just discovered you on YouTube a couple weeks ago. You are a brilliant guitarist, now one of my favorites. I've listened to every song on YouTube. I am looking forward to your recording of the songs you have written. You are excellent, Gabriella. I enjoy your music thoroughly. You are a brilliant virtuoso. I live in the USA, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I hope to watch you perform in person some day. Be Well, Jim :0)
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