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Robert Miller
easy to listen to...pleasing technique...thanks for the inspiration
Leon Custodio
Gabriela, where can I find a CD with your music ?
I'm working on it, thank you leende
Scott Kashian
I cam e across your videos on youtube by accident and am extremely happy that I did, you are incredibly talented
ansonyk naver.com blog
Allaways hear by your guitar sound
Like dust in the wind and loved
All your guitar played
I wanna see yous stage in korea
If were saw you in korea my heart fall down
Loved forever your play during exist on earth
So long hjärta hjärta
Clyde H Perrine
I enjoy your YouTube music videos and I wish you good luck with your music endeavors.
Sheryl Robinson
Sheryl Gunderman Robinson
Gabriella! When are you going to cut a CD????? I would love to buy one. Your guitar playing is beautiful!!!!
Rick Laliberte
I am a huge fan of yours.
I would love to be apart of your music world.
Please cover Radiohead's fake plastic trees! Please!!
Michael Dowell
Hi Gabriella, congratulations on your achievements. tummen upp You are so wonderful, I love watching you and listening to you play! May you have many years of success. ros
David J. Harris
Hi Gabriella, I've been following you on youtube, your playing is remarkable....now you have me hooked, your the reason I started playing again.I'm 72 now but in my earlier years I started playing when I was 14, gave it up when I had my Gretch stolen 0( sad day, my mom help me to buy it. But listening to you play is music to my ears, you are so versatile in your style and fingering, its wonderful to see a young lady like you keeping the faith and reaching out to people like me..God Bless and Thank You..
Thank you leende
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