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Don Petrides 
Hi Gabriella, I just stumbled upon you on youtube and I've become an instant fan.
You are now one of my four favorite guitar players of all time. Along with my friends Lou Pallo, Les Paul, and Aris San. Though Les and Aris are no longer with us.
Thank you soooo much! You're so amazing, and you've made me very happy today.
I hope you will always enjoy playing, so we can always enjoy listening.
Thank you!
Hola Gabriella!! hjärta
Espero entiendas o traduzcas mi mensaje... Eres una hermosa mujer y muy talentosa sobre todo. Muchas felicidades y te deseo el mayor de los exitos en todo lo que hagas. tummen upp
Saludos desde Veracruz, Mexico.
Roy Robertson 
Just discovered you on youtube. Very, very nice playing! Love your technique. looking forward to hearing more.
Rui Yel 
great kind of fingerstyle guitar playing. I love to listen to your music. tummen upp stort flin
thank you for playing so wunderful
Raúl Juan Argüello 
Thank you Gabriella for the Libertango of Astor Piazzolla version, you are the besth hjärta ros
Htoo Ko Ko 
You inspired me.
Please tour the USA!!! I love your music!
Robert Jackson 
Hi Gabriella...will you be releasing your first cd this year (2017)? If not when? Also do you plan to tour the US in the future?
Sincerely Robert
I have plans to record my first CD soon leende
Sherwin Jeremy Atkins 
Please send me the tabs if possible
Alonso Chacón 
Hola Gabriella. Vas a sacar al mercado un Cd de tus interpretaciones
En gratis gästbok från GästbokDelux