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Bob Herring 
Love your arrangements and playing. Just came across your version of Here Comes the Sun yesterday. Have you had your arrangements tabbed? Would love to be able to try them.
hola queria pedirle si me puede pasar los punteos o lo que toco en en le video de (exo miracles in december_) lugn lugn lugn lugn tummen
Sorry, I do not have any tabs leende
You are an awesome guitar player! You've inspired me to play your style of playing. Thank you and please keep the videos coming!
Johnny Taylor 
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent! ros
Such beautiful and skillful guitarist.. I'm a big fan.. would you be willing to make a video of the song "Am I wrong by Nico and Vinz?.. thanks your'e a heart conqueror hjärta hjärta
Stephan P. Kässmayer 
Gabriella, you´re just amazing!!!
Congrats from Brazil!

Please, tour here!! ;)
James Bean 
I admire your playing immensely you are truly an artist.
Your Fan,
James Bean.
javier Zapatero 
Please dont stop. Never to play.....its a pleasure to see u ñlaying and hear it


Wow you got something incredible
Don t stop playing and posting them on you tube
Don t forget Canada when on tour
James Radvak 
Are you going to release a CD of either your own music or your versions that have been played on You Tube? Also do you have any plans to tour in the United States (Specifically Seattle)?

Would love to listen to you live!!!

Thank you for sharing your gift to the world and look forward to hearing more.
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