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Tom Kelkis
Are you touring in the US any time soon? I would love to see you play live.
Ashley Ward
Your an absolute joy to listen to. Keep up your Fantastic work. Wishing you only the best the future has to offer.
Bruno Henrique de Albuquerque
I'm here to say, you Rock Girl; Rock'n'Roll is the music for your soul! A hug from Brazil! Keep on Rocking!
I like your fingerstyle music hjärta
Melanie J Sharif
hjärta hjärta hjärta hjärtaOH MY GOD! Gabriella! You are an angel. Your work is the most heavenly thing I've seen on YouTube (or maybe anywhere). You are so, so talented.

I started playing the guitar less than a year ago, inspired by an ex-boyfriend of mine. But while he really did inspire me, it pales in comparison to how much inspiration you've just given me.

I hope to one day be as talented as you are! Oh my God! Ah! hjärta hjärta hjärta
James VanDolah
You're great you're beautiful and I really love your song choice. I could listen to you for hours. So relaxing
Hi.. I am really passionate about playing guitar.. but I have never learnt it before. I live in India but I am going to move to Sweden in a few months as my Fiance lives there. I don't know how but I suddenly stumbled upon your video where you were playing Pink Floyd which is like my favorite and I really liked it. On digging further I found you were born in Sweden. Everything just seems so coincidental stort flin. Anyways, I would appreciate if you could advise me how could start learning guitar.Whether I should learn it from someone or myself and what routine should I follow. I don't wish to play it professionally but I really dream of playing pink floyd one day the way you did.Please Help me with your advice!!
Thomas O'Connor
Me my history
From being a young teenager to the present day.
Thomas O'Connor Irish born living in between at different times of the year due to my career and private life Ireland USA the Basque Country and Paris France.

I am privileged to send you this comment the talent you were born with, acoustic guitar music.

Gabriella Quevedo
I see you as be coming one of the greatest finger playing music guitarist I've seen in the world I wish you all the best in your career achievements to the top. Thomas O'Connor
Thank you, Gabriella, for sharing your talent with us. I am a professor of Spanish and begin each class with (Spanish) guitar music. You are a regular feature in my classes, and my students love you.
Patrick Boccio
Your playing is spectacular! If you ever make it to the USA, I hope you play a show nearby.

Du är spektakulär! Om du någonsin kommer till Förenta staterna hoppas jag att du spelar en show i närheten.
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