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Axl Miucci
Hi, Gabriella, how are you?
I'm from Brasil.
You are incredible and very talented, congratulations. I love your interpretations.
Can I place a request? I would like you to play REM, Losing My Religion. stort flin
thank you so much
Salvador del Castillo
Your music guitar is beautiful
All small and BIG are love music
First forgive my fool English.
Hello, I enjoy your video on youtube.
I like your Fingerstyle!!! leende Thanks to you, I try hard to play guiter. I'm in the army for Korean man's duty service. But your youtube and playing the guitar give me positive energy for 2 years.
I want to play the guitar for your tab like 'I see fire, Billie jean, Smell like teens spirit...' How can I bring your tab? Thank you for giving the chance that I have a new hobby.
Joshua Yahalom
I am simply in awe of your talent! I am new to guitar and the fingerpicking style, and am so excited to have found your music on youtube to help keep me inspired and see just how far one can take this skill. I hope to have a chance to see you tour one day! (I live in Hawaii ... so if you need an excuse to come tour there and sneak in a vacation, use this post as an excuse) stort flin
Nelson Donovan
You play such beautiful music and a great performer. I played music at the clubs but retired 40 years ago,

I first heard you on YouTube and have listened to a lot of great music there including yours.

Thank you for listening to your great talent.

I wanna be a fingerstyle guitarist please tell me how to learn all these skills. I'm from India
I learned my fingertips by watching videos and practicing for several hours leende
Harold Greene
Do you have any mp3's for sale?
gråter gråterhola gabriella stort flin ..... bueno ojala que llegues a leerlo stort flin..bueno toco guitarra lo basico y en arpegios tambien soy nuevo en esto pero me agrada y me siento muy agusto tocando guitarra, yo queria saber si me puedes decir una forma de aprender a tocar fingerstyle, por favor respondeme, ayudame stort flin tummen upp .muchos exitos en la musica encerio
I learned my fingertips by watching videos and practicing for several hours leende
Peter Eriksson
Hej Gabriella,
Vilket underbart gitarrspel du har! Jag är helt uppslukad av dina videos. Du har inga spelningar i närheten av Sundsvall inplanerade? Hoppas få se dig live snart! leende
Jag har spelat i Sundsvall några gånger, hoppas att det blir fler tillfällen leende
Jeff Agresta
Thank you for posting your videos. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing it with us. Your talent is amazing.
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