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  stort flin undrande lugn gråter dreglar glad arg ledsen sömnig leende förvånad retsam hjärta ros tummen upp tummen ner
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Jim Bo
You choose many beautifully complex songs to interpret, and you do so brilliantly! I hope you'll play Northampton MA when you come to the U.S., and I'd love to see what you'd do with Phil Lesh's composition, "Unbroken Chain!"
Jerry Rosner
I love your guitar playing. I especially like the Pink Floyd songs you have been uploading recently. I too love to play fingerstyle guitar. Thank you for all your wondeful videos. lugn
je voudrais savoir si tu as quelques morceaux de tes arrengements en tablature
et ou on pourrais se le procurer

continue comme sa merci a toi
pour de tes belles reprise
Ken Horton
Love the Beatles, Here Comes The Sun, one of my fav????
i love your beauty and how it conbines with yours plays, your face is really gently, when you play harmonics naturales is just só perfect union betwen you and your instrument, is really hot and the same time gently sensation.
Ashwarnath Latchman
I love your guitar playing of the 7 years song tummen upp glad
Maroš Marian?ík
Hi Gabriella,

You are awesome.

Is it possible buy some your tabs?

Thanks for answer

Have a nice day
Thank you leende
No, unfortunately, I have not tabs
luiz claudio
you could give to us yours arrangement in tab format, would be wonderfull to us that want learn play.
thanks a lot.
luiz tummen upp tummen upp tummen upp tummen upp
Jairo Merino
Hi gabriella, i've Just kown your music and I was aondering if you Woulld ever cae to Perú to listen you live, it's a wonderful cuontry.
Thank you for the music ros ros
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