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mike anderson
? facebook?
just left you a message.. GREAT and beautiful playing.. love it I have a few originals id love to have you re do.. do you sing too? have a good day
Robert Hällgren
Du platsar lätt bland dom bästa gitarristerna jag vet
Tack så mycket leende
Jeff Morrison
You are amazing ! When will you be performing in New York Long Island?
Marco Ribeiro
I've been hearing your playing on you tube, and I love it. I am a big fan of jazz and classical music. My daughter Dee Dee is 12 and plays cello and guitar, and dabbles with the uke, she is always listening to stuff on you tube and that's what got me interested in looking at what was available. I usually prefer hearing keyboard or brass (saxophone), but I've become mesmerized by certain finger style guitarists, you included. I would love to go to see you live if you come to the USA! Thanks for your beautiful playing. (BTW, My parents were Peruvian but I grew up in the U.S., my grandmother was from Argentina).
Thank you leende My dad is from Argentina too
Miles St Amand
Such an incredible talent
Tony from Australia
Your music is amazing . I love listening to you on utube. I play guitar but dont practice enough????. I also think you are absolutley beautiful and hope you have a wonderfull and happy life. All the best for you????????????
Music straight from...and to...the soul.
Rudolf Ritter
Gabriella I love you. I am an 63 year old guy, who is happy that have seen you today the first time. I never felt so much for an artist like you. My best wishes for your whole life. hjärta tummen
Gabriella, I am in the United States and have just recently watched a few of your videos and have enjoyed them very much...!! It is so good to see a young person that is gifted as you are with a musical instrument and a drive to be so good..!! I have subscribed to your youtube feed and will continue to watch your videos..!! Keep up the Awesome job you do..!! ("A Fellow Learning Guitarist") G,Maxx
Thank you leende
Your playing is truly exemplary. I listened to your Wall rendition and I was under a spell. Thank you.
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