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Hi Gabriella Quevedo. I really liked how you play the guitar, and the melody too. leende I'm from Russia, and I want to ask you tabs or notes of those works that you play, if you have them. leende
David Jenkins 
I found you on youtube yesterday and have listened to nothing else since. Absolutely amazed by you skill and ease with which you seem to play. If you ever come to the west coast of the United States, I will definitely be there.
Tammy McCabe 
Hi Gabriella! I have watched you play with Tommy Emmanuel on Youtube and have watched many of your performances. You surely have the talent for guitar. I wish you well in the future and hope you find everything in the music world you are looking for. You are a beautiful young lady and stay as you are, unique and pure! Thanks for allowing everyone to see you play. Look forward to more in the near future. Hope to see you jam with Tommy E again. He's quite the one to follow! And I've seen your performances with Sungha Jung. I love watching him as well. Best of everything to you!! leende
Thank you for the style and the music you play!
A big fan from Switzerland.
luis adriano 
From Madrid
te acabo de descubrir y ya soy un seguidor de lo wue hagas.
Eres muy buena y con clase.
suerte y se feliz
Luis A.
Alexander Gomez 
ommar d.sc@outlook.com 
Tab please 
Hello, I love how you play the guitar .... can I ask you a favor? You would send me the tab of the song "the reason-hoobastank" of your video on youtube, please, I will be eternally grateful, I wish you the best in your life, bye ;)
thanks, sorry I do not have tabs for the reason leende
Alan Wang 
I appreciate your performance. I wonder if you have the guitar music sheet of your arrangement for "The Reason" for sale through internet. I would like to learn. Thanks!
thanks, sorry I do not have tabs for the reason leende
Ginalyn Licanda 
To miss Gabriella 
Hello miss Gabriella I am one of your fans from Philippines. I wish I can see you even one of your future concerts in Philippines. My name is Ginalyn licanda from Philippines. God bless you miss Gabriella.
Alvaro Carrion 
Hello Gabriella! I'm listening your music for the first time now. I've seen you at youtube playing with the incredible Tommy Emmanuel itself, and just after that playing a black yamaha guitar with the signature of Tommy in it...remember me when I started longtemps ago, but I couldn't achieve my goals yet, it's never too late! In fact, you showed me that if we believe in our dreams, anything is possible! So, I wish you the best for your life and a long and beautiful life and music career!! Thank you so much!!
Thanks leende
Your awesome the best I've ever heard. Keep jamming girlfriend!!
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