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2009-02-11 20:37
Emil Schuttenhelm
Hej Lena,
it is very nice to meet a fellow collector over the internet. Congratulations with your website and with your interesting 3-monkey collection. By own experience I know that the three wise monkeys are not much known or popular in Sweden and it is quite difficult to find them there. (This is in fact true for all Scandinavian countries).
Considering this, it is even more special, that you have been able to put together such a nice collection. Welcome to our international group of no evil monkeys enthusiasts Lena and we certainly hope to meet with you in person at one of our collectors' meetings.
With kind three-monkey greetings from Switzerland,
Emil Schuttenhelm,
Webmaster of http://three-monkeys.info
Hello Emil! Thank's a lot, nice to be a part of this group.

It's great to see and read about the 3 Monkeys from other collectors from so many places in our world.

Best Regards/Lena
2009-02-09 09:25
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2009-02-08 22:26
Fin gästbok/Nice guestbook.
Vitspelle! Tack ska du ha
2009-02-08 14:56
Ny gästbok för att jag fick så mycket spam i den tidigare, Hoppas nu denna blir bättre. glad
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