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2015-12-01 06:02
Happy fourth anniversary to Vagos Mc Sweden! Still keeping it old school with big foucus on brotherhood, loyalty and respect.
Viva Los Vagos.
Green nation forever.
2015-09-21 12:33
Tanks gothenburg,
Love & Respect
Suport the green nation
2015-09-11 06:37
Love & Respect from Gothenburg, Sweden.
2015-07-21 13:24
Why remove the photos with swedish and american Vagos posing together? They were cool as fuck.
2015-06-22 16:03
Shoot straight, tell the truth and ride.......go green
2015-05-25 11:41
K 1%er 
Tanks norway. You are welcome eny time
And tanks al it was a awsome trip ML&R Vagos Sweden VFFV
2015-05-18 11:04
Coffin Cheaters MC Norway 
Greets from Norway.

Hope to see you soon.

2015-04-28 05:31
Vagos International Motorcycle Club President 
Looking forward to our next visit! 
Enjoyed drinking beer's and riding on the California Highways with my Swedish brothers.
2015-04-06 13:00
Vago Purpel 
With best wishes from ouer BUlgarien Brothers ,
So Long Purpel NP
2015-03-13 06:15
K K 1%er 
Thanks, some brothers took the seasons first ride a few days ago. And it was real Nice.
VFFV. LVDV. Green nation .
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