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Rodney Moore
Ok. I like Sweden eventhough I have never been there. I grew up listening to ABBA, awesome! Also, I enjoy your growth in instrumental music. Pleasure the world by lending your voice to the strings of your guitar if you wish of course. I know myself and the world would love the see the results of you attempt. Enjoy what you do most of all! leende
are any of your arrangements available online?
Love listening to your songs while driving! So good tummen upp
Any chance you will tour Canada / North America?
parker tribble
you are the best, i just happen on to you, i can't believe it,all of us are having trouble leaving comments on youtube for you, i just love your playing, it is very moving
Let me tell you that you are my inspiration to learn to play guitar and I would like to interpret your beautiful melodies.
I love you
Clyde Denham
Wonderful Musician!
Carol Just
I want to buy your CD if you have one. My husband ( a guitar enthusiast) just found you on youtube. You are amazing! From Mike and Carol Medford, Oregon USA
Mark Prikhodko
Hi Gabriella,

Thank you for all the great videos on youtube. I truly admire your style and technique on the guitar; it's beautiful.

I have been playing the guitar for two years now, but I'm still not at the level where I can improvise in any key, anywhere on the fretboard. I would really appreciate it any advice about mastering the guitar, more specifically, the exercises, scales, chord shapes and techniques that helped you master the guitar.
Thank you for your time and all of your great work.

Mark Prikhodko
Eugenio Maranhão Alves
I love your style hjärta
R. Hemy
Wow! Amazing.
Album available?
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