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Don Jones
I like your style of play very much. It is inspiring. I could listen to you play all day long. I play acoustic guitar but Im only a beginner. Thank you.
Thomas Renouf
You are a beautiful wonder person, I think you can play anything in the world.Thank you for what you do, a wonderful talent hjärta
Alfredo Tifi
I love you, what you feel is what you play. Following your progress. Miss you here in Italy and, overall, miss your voice. Why don't you try just once 4 me! glad
Richard Gregorek
flinI watch you play, you put my mind at ease, you see I can never as good as you, I played guitar in a few bands when I WAS A younger man or so. i can no longer play so good as I use too. I still have my guitars, and wqhen I hear you play I go back on the guitar , ans suprise my self, I still can play. thank you for giving me my wisdom back. leende
John Barker
Dear Gabriella,
I've just come across your music browsing on YouTube..
Just thought I'd say how cool the it sounds.. very talented.. leende
Shekinah Buisha
Hello my name is Shekinah Iam 19 years old. I love your guitar playing so much. I wanna know I do you arrange songs.

can you show me your ide to arrange any song.
If you want you can do send me a video showing me how do you arrange songs. I lve in sweden. (Jag kan pratar svenska, det bara för att jag gillar skriva i engelska) MHV Shekinah Buisha
So talented and inspiring you are. Thank you. hjärta
:D hi!
I've been playing for over 40 years. While you are exceptionally talented what really strikes me is your discipline and control. Watching your videos has inspired me to quit being so sloppy when I play and to take the extra time to hit the notes cleanly.

I'm sure you have a very long and satisfying career ahead. Best of luck!
Gregory Becker
Hi Gabriella My wife and I listen to you all the time. You are such a talented and beautiful young girl. We live in New York State. I am wondering if you are planning any concerts in the U.S.? We would love to attend your concert. Keep up the great work. Your talent is special. Best Wishes..Robin and Greg Becker
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