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javier Zapatero 
Please dont stop. Never to play.....its a pleasure to see u ñlaying and hear it


Wow you got something incredible
Don t stop playing and posting them on you tube
Don t forget Canada when on tour
James Radvak 
Are you going to release a CD of either your own music or your versions that have been played on You Tube? Also do you have any plans to tour in the United States (Specifically Seattle)?

Would love to listen to you live!!!

Thank you for sharing your gift to the world and look forward to hearing more.
Found you while browsing YouTube, and listened to just about everything. Was deeply moved by your playing; also, we have the same favorite song.(Hotel California.) Best of everything to you.
Hadyn Painter 
I am in awe of your playing, Gabriella. Hotel California is my all time favourite. You have improved my life immeasurably. Thank you
With fondness and respect
Luigi Fiumicelli 
Dear Gabriella, I would like to express all my admiration for your fantastic guitar playing. I never get tired to watch your videos on you tube. You are a true genius of the instrument. I live in Florence, Italy where I was born in 1939. I play thge guitar since I was 13 years old. At that time I was impressed by Les Paul an Mary Ford, the great Chet Atkins and many others and when Elvis came out, Scotty Moore became my fovourite for his inventive and power with songs like Mistery Train, My baby left me, that's all right mama etc. Another guitarist that shook me down was Cliff Gallup, lead guitar of Gene Vincent that on the second solo of be pop a lula, uses a sort a fingerpicking, as you know, manys today's guitarists in the world pay a tribute to theese artists included the fantastic Tommy Emmanuel that plays with you. You are an explosion of magic talent, energy and simpathy. Tommy uses to come to Italy very often and we met several times in Italy and Florence too.
Sorry fo the long message but I wanted to express my great admiration for your art.
Best wishes and Happy Easter.

Luigi Fiumicelli
Thanks so much leende
Fantastic fingerpicking, love to hear and watch.
Fantastic finger picking style/ love to hear you play.
James Dawson 
Please come to the UK and tour. As a guitarist (of your father's generation) I cannot think of a more engaging and inspiring guitarist. I'd love to see you play
Carl Brazell 
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