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2009-08-05 19:06
Great work. Great.
Hector says:
Thank you. Thanks.
2009-07-30 15:12

I like, no love, your creations on youtube. It is really nice made!
Keep on coming the good stuff!

Ciao, Jaella.
Hector says:
I'll soon add another animation. Probably the one I've spent the most time on. Thanks, Jaella.
2009-07-04 18:16
Låt mig på något sätt få veta om du spelar iallafall.
Hector says:
Jag hojtar i så fall.
2009-06-16 16:34
Maria Leck
Hej. Nu var det ett år sen vi bytte teckningar mot skiva via den analoga posten.
Den skivan har gjort mig otrolig stor nytta.
Kommer du att göra några spelningar framöver? Kanske i Stockholmstrakten? Det skulle vara fantastiskt i sådana fall.
Du är magisk för mig.

Allt gott// Maria
Hector says:
...och du gör verkligen magiska teckningar. Jag har inga spelningar bokade i sommar förutom i en stor gammal buss på Arvikafestivalen.
2009-06-07 04:43
This is a private message for Hector.
2009-06-07 04:42
This is a private message for Hector.
2009-05-21 11:20
Hanne Sofie
jajaja, fantastisk!! Låter jette bra, som dere sier på svensk! Jeg er ditt største fan J. Andréasson!! ;)
Hector says:
...och jag är Norges största fan!
2009-05-12 20:38
you saved my life this weekend !thank you so much for this !
Hector says:
good, because your life is worth a lot.
2009-05-06 22:28
This is a private message for Hector.
2009-05-02 11:10
Er... hi I like your songs. How can I BUY a CD of yours...
I think you should get money for your work, youre pretty good!
Hector says:
Stranger, there's only one way to get your hands on a ML-album, via
2009-04-30 09:58
Hi Hector! I love your songs!!
I hope you come to Madrid some day!
Hector says:
It would be lovely to play in Spain. Maybe some day.
2009-04-20 03:55
Hey, Hector, you're great, you are crazy and smart as hell, how come you write so good in English, you're name comes from Italy and you live in Sweden, I don't get it... I wish I could animate as you do, you're just fantastic Hector, keep it up!
Hector says:
You are very kind, I bet you are smart as hell to. Woody Allen movies thought me every English word I need.
/ Hector
2009-04-19 22:32
It has been a very good casuality find you in youtube, thank you for your fabulous music
Málaga, Spain
Hector says:
Thank you Málaga from Spain!
/ Hector
2009-04-15 23:42
Really good, I like your art very much.

I hope you come early to Madrid.

Me encanta, ¿para cuando una visita a los madriles? un pequeño concierto seria realmente genial
Hector says:
Oh, Spain - someday we'll meet.
Thanks Locuelo.
2009-03-18 20:24
This is a private message for Hector.
2009-03-05 02:44
This is a private message for Hector.
2009-03-02 18:26
This is a private message for Hector.
2009-02-19 05:48
Fantastiskt bra!!!
2009-01-25 10:50
This is a private message for Hector.
2009-01-15 19:33
This is an amazing piece of music! Great job and all the best for the future!
Greetings from Germany
2009-01-12 13:00
This is a private message for Hector.
2009-01-06 13:25
Michaela Arnold
Hallo, ich bin aus "Germany" und mir gefällt das Video zu "It`s Art" wahnsinnig gut. Ganz tolle Animation, wirklcih etwas besonderes. Danke!

All I wrote means that You are great and special! Good Luck!
Hector says:
Thank you Michaela, I bet you are great to.
2009-01-02 06:13
Wow! I stumbled upon your "It's Art" video and from there found your page. Pure brilliance and I wish you all the success you deserve.

Your new fan, Simon
Hector says:
And now I am a fan of yours.
2009-01-02 02:49
I discovered your page through YouTube Hector. Just want to congratulate you on your music and animation. There's a great spirit/sentiment and sound to them. Great stuff. I have downloaded your tunes to my my iPod. Thanks again, Stuart
2008-12-31 18:20
This is a private message for Hector.
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