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Keechon Hong
Hi Gabriella,

I have just seen the video "While my guitar gently weeps" you uploaded to Youtube.

I admire your interpretation and wonderful arrangement of the song.

I really enjoyed and appreciated that.

If possible, may I have your score of the song? I am 55 years old and now I learn the finger stye guitar.

Anyway, thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Seoul, Korea
Gabriella, please tell me what model of Taylor you have now. I like it very much.
Hello Gabriella,

I'm listening to your music at this moment and read your small "Biography" under "About". I'm really impressed with your skill and your music. And all those musicians you've met! I myself try to play fingerstyle guitar and know, how hard it can be at times. Keep up the good work and positive spirit.

Greetings from Germany!

God natt! tummen upp
Thank you! :D
Edneu de Almeida
Olá Gabriela, Que bom ter encontrando voce aqui no youtube, não canso de ouvir as suas canções....adoro tocar violão, mas como voce tem poucos, como Sungha, Edgar Cruz, o brasileiro Robson Miguel etc...
Um grande abraços de São Paulo - Brasil
I already commented here but it's Jan 12 today so happy birthday and keep going! I love your music and I'd love to see you play someday leende
Hi Mrs.Gabriella.

It´s amazing to see your videos. How you play the guitar in finger style.

Gone on and have fun.
Daniel Cata
Hi Gabriella,
Today I saw for the first time your videos and... amazing. I bought a classical guitar three weeks and I was looking for a nice arrangement for "Tears in Heaven" but I found something better leende. I'll spend a lot of time enjoying your music. For now I have noticed that my nails grow very slowly but I've seen you use something different to play at least for the big finger. Can you tell me what that object is?

Greetings from heaven!

Great stuff, I really enjoy your music.
I beg of you do tablature or parse to songs (Lee Seung Gi) Return,in your performance it one of the gods as you do for myself) hjärta
Hello how are you? I wanted to congratulate you on your performance you're very good, I tell you that I am also a guitarist but classical guitar and I am from Argentina. I wonder if I could pass the sheet music for this arrangement or sell it, I love your style and work. I also tell you that I have been searching quite the score and now we've found your home page wanted to know if you can spend ago. I leave my facebook address so we are in contact. again congratulations for what you do. Affections. Grisell Aparicio.
Hi, I don't have tabs/notes. I play by ear. My dad is from Argentina :D Thank you!
Greetings from Sweden
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