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erlan oliveira
today watched some of his videos, I was amazed congratulations
a hug from Brazil, come visit us someday.
Hersh Naroliwalla
You play awesome guitar!! It has a soothing effect. Offlate i have started learning, and one day in dream to play music like you do :-)

You Rock!

Juan Alusan
great work!! your guitar gently weeps!!!
I love your style! Keep on playing your guitar as you know, just feeling every single chord as a part of a beautiful picture...
Hallo from Napoli, Italy
Thank you so much!!! :D

Hello....... ros
you guitar playing skills are awesome tummen upp

I Love u Guitar dreglar

How to learn Fingerstyle, I stay in a remote area where guitarist are there but no gråter fingerstyle.. can you help me out with some tips glad

And of course your website is simply just beautiful lugn
Thank you so much!!! leende
Tim Minke
you make me jealous, and envious, in the best possible way!. your beautiful and are amazing at guitar. Do you ever come to Canada? if you do will 100% come see you play! keep it up. it is clearly in your blood. leende
Thank you! leende
That you passed 3 million views on YouTube would be some news to publish too! lugn tummen upp
Thank you for your support!!! :D
That you passed 3 million views on YouTube would be some news to publish too!
Fabricio Aranda
Por favor, eu tenho que te conhecer.....me responde..sou de Porto Alegre, Brasil......
Hi Fabricio, what do you want to know ?
Greetings from Sweden
Я родом из России - недавно случайно нашёл на youtube твои выступлен&# 1080;я. Я был изумлён( glad) твоей игрой на гитаре. Ты настояший талант. Желаю тебе дальнейше&# 1075;о успеха в твоём дел. Твой фанат из России ! ros
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