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Private message!
Hey Gabriella!

I have long ceased to play guitar, but just 3 months ago, I "walking" on the Internet, I found your videos, I was so pleased and hooked me, that I once again decided to pick up a guitar, thank you very much. I want you to stay as beautiful and creative success and do not worry if something goes wrong, and all the best for you leende leende

With Greetings from Russia!

Greg B
Hi Gabriella, Any plans for a CD? What about coming to the United States on tour? Hopefully I will get to hear you play in person someday! LOVE you playing! Keep it up!! Greg
Private message!
Harvey Guilford
I am 60 years old and I am a self-taught guitarist and play by ear. In all my years I have never seen or heard such a talented guitarist at such a young age. I am very impressed with your playing style and I am glad I found you on YouTube. If you haven't already please check out Andy McKee. He is a finger style guitar player and is one of my favorites. Now you too are one of my favorites, and I have watched nearly all of your videos on YouTube. You have a wonderful future ahead of you and I hope one day you will play a gig in the U.S. so I can see you play live. leende
Thank you very much!!! :D
Salvador Diaz
Hello Gabriella!!
I found you in YouTube while searching around for guitar tutorials and very much glad I did. You don't need me to tell you that are very talented and play beautifully, but I just need to. Gabriella, There is a Christian/Gospel song titled "Cry Out To Jesus" that I would like you to play it fingerstyle, would you mind to post this cover?
Thank you in advance.
May God Bless You!
Greg Beighley
Hey Gabriella, I just recently found you on youtube. You are AWESOME! Hopefully there is a tour of the United States in the near future!! Greg
michael :)
michael cabrido
hi miss gabriella retsam !
im from philippines im a fingerstyle guitarist to !

i have a question you reading TABS or not ? please reply in my FB acc. or in your youtube videos in the latest video . in the 2NE1-COME BACK HOMe ! Thanks retsam
Hi! :D I don't use tabs.
Private message!
Gosto muito do jeito como toca, vou tentar aprender vendo seus vídeos, Obrigado.
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