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franchement t'es super gros coup de coeur hjärta
hello my name is oscar since I saw your video
playing sunflower was impressed with the
quality and versatility you need for
guitar the reason for my post to part of
congratulate you is to ask you please
I precisely sunflower score
I am also guitarist and I would like
learn this song would be possible
could you please send'd appreciate

email: oscaramadorpenalver1@gmail.com
wu peng
I love you Gabriella Quevedo,very Like your playing,I wish you more success!MY QQ:191321013
I cried (seriously) when I saw your last video on Youtube. It was 'I don't wanna miss a thing' by Aerosmith. It is amazing how in that short period of time by teaching fingerstyle you play like that. But I bet it wasn't easy. I'm sure you had to work very hard and it took you hours to go to the point you are now. And thank you a lot because you just motivated me to go play on my guitar. I play fingerstyle only half year but I believe one day I could be as good at it as you are if I'll keep on practice. Wish you the best. Never give up and never stop doing something what you love to do. Greetings from Poland hjärta
Chantal Milley
I enjoy going on Youtube to watch you and Sungha Jung. You are an amazing guitarist and you should keep doing what you are doing- you are amazing at it. My dream is to become a guitarist and I hope that someday I'll be as good as you. leende
Thank you!!! :D
Justin Kossak
I just started playing along with your videos and think we should jam or record online, or at least you could pretend to "Like" one of my uploads 'cause I love all of yours. dreglar ledsen
efendi oman
upp, BRILIANT AND EXCELENT WOMAN. tummen upp tummen upp
Love the style, I'm inspired to keep playing my guitar and learn finger style.
THIS IS your act of guitar was very intresting and have god will create you more job for this .. tummen upp stort flin good luck for you coming future
flin hjärta tummen upp dreglar
this is very intresting also but why the tab is not allow ..so plz can you give us tab of your some musical instrument which we can also practise ..thank u
Hi, Thank you! leende
I don't use tabs. I play by ear.


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