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ciao, sono un tuo fedelissimo ammiratore.
complimenti, suoni veramente bene, unica! (il mio idolo però è Tommy Emmanuel)
una mia vecchia curiosità: che modello di chitarra Taylor suoni?

grazie per l'attenzione e ancora molti cari auguri di un fruttuoso avvenire con la musica.

Thank you!!! :D
Taylor GC Custom
Impressive musicianship. But all I see on Youtube are covers of other artists' songs. Haven't you written any original songs of your own?
Hi Gabriella,

Thanks for your music! Much appreciated!


Thank you! :D
Nice site you have.
Dear Gabriella, a short message to congratulate you for your videos are beautiful, you play beautifully. Congratulations to you, soon for new videos of you playing the guitar. Kisses from a French fan tummen upp
Thank you! leende
arg cool, fantanstic sound, I love guitars. Nice work. : tummen upp
Dear Gabriela,
I found your youtube channel earlier today and have been listening to your music all day long. Do you have any albums out? I will definetly buy one if you do, hope your success continues and flourishes
Thank you :D
Stephen Doherty
Gabriella, I love your guitar playing and your modest demeanour. You are a star, so less of the shyness,you bring hapiness with your music,hjärta Steve
Thomas Mann
Hi Gabriella, I just discovered you a few months ago and I can't stop watching your videos! Thank God for the internet so the world can see and hear you. I am just amazed when I watch and every time I think I have a favorite, I find another that's even better!! I'm 66 years old dear so please don't wait too long to tour in the US. It would be a dream come true to see you live on stage. Best wishes for your whole life! Thomas
Hi, Thank you for your nice comment! leende
Hi Gabriella,
I have just heard your guitar song You & I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oJjQShv65U And I really love it, so I would love to play that song with your tabs. Can I have your tab, please. I'm looking for your reponse.Thank you so much ros
Thank you! :D
I don't have tabs.
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