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Kevin Smith
I've only just discovered your videos, but I'm extremely happy I have!

Unbelievably talented and very pretty stort flin TWO IN ONE!

Keep up the amazing work, and keep us posted if you're ever playing in the UK, would love to come see the Quevedo-Fingerstyle live in concert!

From Scotland, with love!

Kevin hjärta
Ben Nguyen
Greetings from the USA. I'm very impressed young lady. After watching you doing such a good job, I think I'm going to convince my daughter to take up guitar instead of piano. Lycka till med din framtid Gabriella. lugn
Thank you! leende
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Suyash Andhare
You are amazing.. I listen One of us and I am a lifetime fan of yours...

Wish you all the luck..

Suyash hjärta
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Private message!
Can you post me the “Summer Paradise” Guitar spectrum?
Thank you
alejandro marin
hello i really like the music of gabriela, have you tabs ?
Hello, I'm Hoang, I come from Vietnam, I also enjoyed playing the guitar Sungha Jung, just like you.But, I can only follow what Sungha shown on the clip.Here, finger style is a very new thing, no documentation and no teaching.but I love to finger style.I want to become a professional finger.And now there is no way for me.Please tell me what I need, what I have to do. Thank you very much.
jun kang
As for me, your play sounds like something like drinking some cool soda when I'm thirsty. Thanks for sharing your video clips on you-tube. I introduce them to my colleagues who starts to learn acoustic guitars.
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