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Cheng Zhengxing
I can't believe you are just 16 years old, you play guitar so well, as you are, I'm a guitarist too, I just study guitar for two years,I appreciate you so much ,I will support you all the time,I hope I can become a brilliant guitarist,in that way , I'll have more chances to know guitarists like you and Tommy Emmanuel.
You're definitely an inspiration to me!
Oye me puedes mandar las tablaturas de dust in the wind, y lo tocas con guitarra acústica o electroacústica y a que ritmo lo tocas
Du är bara såååå bra! Kan inte sluta lyssna leende. Lycka till i framtiden (som ser lysande ut).
Tack så mycket!!! :D
Tack för musiken på Stora Torget i Borås. Häftigt
Tack! :D
I love the songs you played. Keep playing more songs. You're great and amazing. ros
Guilherme Marx
Well, first I'm sorry if any mistake in writing. I had to go through the Google translator because I can not speak or write English. I would like to tell you that I love your work and, despite already knowing how to play guitar, I would learn some songs arranged for you. Can you pass me some as "Talking to the moon" for example? Preferably by tabs, but music was great. I thank you.
Hello Gabriella!! You're my next guitar inspiration~ I love how you play the guitar and all. leende I just wish i could play like you.. I wonder what is the "Beginner" steps to play like a finger style guitarist. Is there any? I'd love it if you reply! ^^ Continue to post more YT vids and cover more of 2NE1 & Bigbang songs!!
-Siti hjärta
Much love from Singapore! tummen upp
Robert Doran
Great stuff! Every day I search for acoustic music on YouTube to ease my soul while I work (boring engineering weenie stuff). Your music style is perfect for what ails me. Thanks for sharing.
Kassem Jaber
After watching your arrangements I automatically became a huge fan! Keep up the awesome work! stort flin
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