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Arno Quevedo
Hello Gabriella Quevedo
that their presentations are beautiful!
flinI saw their videos here from Brazil, I'm proud to be his relative!
when you want to make a tour in Brazil, let me know I'll help you.
come to Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul live in Caxias do Sul
its Brazilian fan
Arno Quevedo
Hi Gabby,

Congratulations on winning the Ryan Seacrest competition ! You definately deserve it ! Well Done !
Thank you! :D
Hey can you send me The tab form stairway to heaven?

Craig Daubresse
I am inspired by you music. I am a professional musician, and your music has done well with the audience. I have played with my fingers for about 40 years. Keep up the good work!
Thank you so much! :D
Ron Kaussner
Whew. You're fantastic! hjärta
Hey Gabriella! Thank you very much for your performance! Love your videos, really enjoy it)))
Keep cheering people up like you do all the time. I'd love to go to your concert and hope that you will have more around the world!!!
Thank you! :D
Julio Ortega
Gabriella, you are such a great player. Keep going and try maybe doing some more rock covers. I love watching you play. oh and try getting some gigs in the U.S. if it´s not too much to ask! keep on rocking. lugn
Thank you! leende
Thomas Mann
Hi Gabriella, Like so many people I found you accidentally on youtube about 2 months ago. You are the best guitar player I have ever heard and I just love relaxing with a glass of wine and listening to your amazing fingerstyle playing. You truly are gifted because almost no one could accomplish the level you have in that short time without a special gift. I'm looking forward for the day I see you play in person in America leende Tom
Thank you very much! leende
Private message!
oh! im sorry!! >.< i.... i just want to tell you hi! hehe , YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
i found your video because i love the music of Yuki Matsui,Sungha Jung and tommy so i was watching a video of sungha and at the end a picture of you appeared and i hadn´t wachted you i watched a video of you for first time yesterday and i was like WAOO!! and WAOO!!! during the video hehe but i read your life here in this website and all the things that your did in a little time i dont know how to write my feelings haha its really awesome now i m a new fan of you *.* yeaahh!! haha n_n I wish you the best thank you very much for read my menssage stort flin
Thank you! :D
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