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joshua myers
hi and love from north carolina USA...keep up the amazing playing leende
Hi, Thank you!
Greetings from Sweden :D

I've just found your rendition of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. I think I've listened to it about a dozen times.

Nothing Else Matters was my favorite Metallica song as a teenager and I'm blown away by the skill in which you play your version. It's amazing!

Thank you so much!

Keep up the good work.

Hi, Thank you! :D
Ron Snow
I enjoy listening to your music. My 9 year old granddaughter has expressed and interest in learning to play the guitar and I shared one of your YouTube videos with her for inspiration.
Thank you! :D
mario lai
Ciao volevo farti i miei complimenti sei una grandissima artista...brava.Mi piace moltissimo il tuo modo di suonare ...sei davvero forte...un saluto dalla Sardegna...Spero di vederti da queste parti..
Private message!
Hi Gabi, is there any chance that you will do a performance in holland ? undrande
Hi, I hope to play in Holland some day leende
Adrian Salazar
Simplemente te escuche y me enamore de ti y de tu arte. Enhorabuena desde México, D.F:
tummen upp
Private message!
Túlio Souza Gonçalves
ola aqui é do Brasil menina a sua musica é linda de mais se der vem fazer um show aqui, valeu !?
Hi Gabriella ,

My name is Nishant and I am from INDIA (NEW DELHI) I just found your song on you tube playing tears in heaven by eric clapton. I must say what a pleasant note and it was so sooting to my ear that I just wish you keep on playing that song again and again . I also liked your guitar and I wish I could purchase the type of guitar you are playing . To me you are simply superb and I wish you best of luck for your musical journey , if in case you are in Delhi INDIA and there is no one to help or you need help for sight seeing please be my guest.

With warm regards,
your biggest fan for life time .

If you wish you can email me , I know you will be busy but if time permits .

Once again many thanks .

Take care

Nishant Pant
Hi, Thank you! leende
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