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Private message!
Jarmo Kajarila
Hi Gabriella!
I really enjoyed you playing old Beatles songs!
ryan pogi
great music.... lugn
Private message!
Hey Gabriella! You're one unique fingerstyle guitarist leende I listen to covers by you, Estas Tonne, and Sungha Jung. After reading your "About" page, I was really impressed and happy that you are receiving the attention that you deserve! :D You're an inspiration to many guitarists (including me! I'm a beginner classic guitarist). I personally love Fingerstyle too; all your emotions are expressed when you compose from the soul. That's exactly what you do! I always tend to feel that your fingerstyle playing is trying to tell me (and other viewers) something.

Best of Luck on your heart-touching musical playing.

I hope to see you in the future :D

Your fan,

Thank you so much!!! :D :D

Greetings from Sweden!

Sylvester Otieno
You are such an inspiration Gabby. thank you hjärta
Thank you! :D
I want to buy your music. Have you recorded any yet. Your playing is pure joy. I am and remain in awe of your music. God bless. leende
No, I haven't.
Thank you! :D
Private message!
Private message!
Matthew Lamb
Could I be on of your guest's, I really like your clean style of picking, always perfect, never any mistakes, I've not see any at all of the video's I've watched. Matthew Joseph Lamb. (a pending guest)
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