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  stort flin undrande lugn gråter dreglar glad arg ledsen sömnig leende förvånad retsam hjärta ros tummen upp tummen ner
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scott fisher waco texas
u r awlsome
scott fisher waco texas
I have never heard anyone like u in my life. and Iam 55. u r an angle.
After mastering classical gas a while ago I wanted to compare my version with others. I found your two year old version: "Nice a fellow swede, and a young chick. This shouldn't be too humiliating for me..." Well, I was wrong... ;) Hoping to get the time to see you live, keep up the good work!
Brian Harnett
My daughter is learning to play the guitar, I came across your videos on youtube. you are an inspiration. thank you
Michael Ellington
I do hope soon you publish a cd I would love to have your music playing in my car and home in North Carolina Thank you for making my day a lot better and please continue to make beautiful music from that acoustic guitar of yours. michael. leende
Thank you! :D
Michael Ellington
I love sit and listen to you play the guitar it sounds great,one question for you are you playing all those notes on the guitar are their people I don't see? You are fabulous.
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Alan Villalobos
I love your music and the way you plays the guitar. I'm your 1# fan in México, take it for sure.
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Felipe J
The Libertango is excellent! You clearly have Argentinian roots, and the passion. ros ros ros I hope you do more Argentinian or Latin American current music -- Juanes, Jorge Drexler, Shakira. We follow you from Washington DC! Hope you come some day.
Thank you! :D
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