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  stort flin undrande lugn gråter dreglar glad arg ledsen sömnig leende förvånad retsam hjärta ros tummen upp tummen ner
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B. Miller
Hello saw a video post on Facebook of you playing Pink Floyd. Awesome Job !!! Do you have any plans on doing any shows in the U.S.A. ???
Maybe, I hope so leende thank you leende
Michael Esplin
I hope you realize how many smiles you put on faces as we enjoy your beautiful music.
Chris Christie
Hi and just to say you do a fantastic job on all your arrangements. Wish you great success
Ed Fast
you've truly inspired me with your style of play..
Joel Nickerson
I have been playing guitar since I was 5 years old. I just wish I was as good as you are. Totally enjoy listening to everything you play. God Bless.
uppHola Gabriella soy de Tucumán, Argentina. Me gustaría saber de que provincia argentina son tus padres. Aquí en Tucumán está la fábrica Scania y por ese motivo se han conocido mujeres y varones argentinos y suecos. Te felicito porque tocas muy bien la guitarra. stort flin
My dad is from Bs As, Mamma is born in Sweden but has lived in BS AS for more than 20 years
Thank you leende
Hi, I Mike vert much alle covers played by Gabriella. I play guitar top but not as well lol
Can you tell me how i Can find Your guitar pro tabs, il want to learn fingerstyle with
Thanks a lot for you response
Enjoy music for life !
..love your guitar playing
happy to stumbled upon your web page and youtube video.
where's ya get those cool lugn finger picks...never seem anything like'em in the USA.
keep the melodies coming...
thnax leende
James A Murphy
Just wanted to say,"Loved hjärta your Pink Floyd rendition of Goodbye Blue Skies!"
Excellent, I must check out more of your videos, very talented and very pretty. leende
On you tube, many artist collaborate with each other doing their part of a song and then mix together, you should do this!
I know many that do this. You also might like a fellow your age called Ashley Freeman, an EXCELLENT guitar player!Have a Great Day Dear and hope to hear more, maybe some Triumph or Bad Company or Led Zeppelin or Scorpions or Black Sabbath or Godsmack or AC/DC.... I can go on but many of these have some great licks that would be good practice. Be well Gabriella! James lugn
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