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Michael John Nuguid
you're such a beautiful girl with a guitar on your lap.. u amazes me, such a talented girl.. keep it up hjärta hjärta hjärta hjärta hjärta
Ron Caruana
Gabriella - I am so impressed with your performances and arrangements. Best of luck to you. You have a very bright future ahead of you.

Any future plans on doing a concert here in the United States.
Any future plans on doing a concert here in the United States.
Moana Legends
Hello Gabriella San:

We're great fan of yours...We love your style and we appreciate your passion in music...

Thanks for great music...
We always feel relaxed after hearing your music...

Hi L O V E all the music you played.... Your music made me relax after the HARD DAYS WORK...YOUR so pretty AWESOME & I envy your skills..KEEP JAMMIN'.... TAKE CARE & GOD BLESS..all the way from CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES....PINOY AKO!
Refil Laurensia Better
Hi, I am a fan from Indonesia. There are quite lots of Indonesian fans of yours here, could you please consider coming here? leende
Jose Casas
Please your arrangement of the widely popular "Faded" by Alan Walker (more than a billion views in YT. I love your music, Gabriella! Thanks.
Bruce Ward
66 year old from Canada. I play a little bit. Y dreglarou are fabulous. love your music, Do you sing?
Thanks,no I do not sing leende
Hi Gabriella Quevedo. I really liked how you play the guitar, and the melody too. leende I'm from Russia, and I want to ask you tabs or notes of those works that you play, if you have them. leende
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