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Gonzalo Alberto Guitar Ron 
I love the way you play, do you know music from Brasil?
Richard Wiley 
Love your music. Where can I buy a CD ?
Joel Nowland 
Gabriella if you are ever in Utah in the USA give Nowland Guitars a try. I think my style of guitar building will fit very well with your wonderful guitar playing.
Art Stetson 
Gabriella you are such an inspiration to me. I have played guitar for years, but just recently learned Fingerstyle. Also, in an interview you once said you weren't sure about pursing a music career. Please, for you, and for the world, pursue a music career. You are the most talented guitarists that I have seen...and I am 67 years old. To not take your God given gift and 'take it to the limit' is almost a sin!
Please put me on your email list for all you new songs. My favorite is Dust in the Wind. Please put me on your email list. Thank you, Art
Hi. Thanks for your music
Jim Smith 
Hello, I just had to tell you how beautiful your smile and your welcoming spirit is. I have just recently discovered you on YouTube. Your performances, spirit, smile, beauty, and arrangements are luring me and many others like The Sirens from Greek mythology.:D Thank you for sharing. :D
I am taken away by your music, and would love to have a CD. Do you have any CD's? If not, you should. Your amazing. You have inspired me to take my level of playing fingerstyle up a notch. any suggestions?
thanks for sharing your music. It's some of the best fingerstyle I have ever heard.
Fred Norton 
Love your music!!!
Kevin Bills 
Gabriella, We think you are awesome. I have been following you for a while but now my son who is a hockey player 15yrs loves your music in in fingerstyle. Thank you for sharing your talent your way.
Jay Campbell 
Hi Gabriella,
Your version of "Dust In The Wind" (originally by Kansas) is beautiful. I just started playing guitar 3 months ago and as I've progressed, I've looked up songs I've always loved. Your version of that song and "Nothing Else Matters" have given me great motivation to continue to practice and improve. I just wanted to say Thank You. I hope to hear more of your work over the years.
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