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Denis Racine 
Hi from Quebec, Canada,
Really great, when I discovered you on youtube, I was not able to turn off my computer before listening almost all your songs. You re-write the music .... I would like to hear you play wish you were here .... Thank you for your beautiful songs!
Poul Svendsen 
Hi Gabriella,
A short question. What Taylor model is it you are playing?

Kind regards
Poul Svendsen
I have 3 Taylor guitar, 812CE, 912CE and Taylor Custom GC8 leende
Hi, I love your music hjärta. Can I ask you how can I get your arrangement of Don't Look Back in Anger? I want to learn it so bad. I want to buy the tab!
Kimberly wolfort 
Dear Gabriella,

I love your style of fingerpicking. You are an inspiration to me and to my two young boys. We love watching you videos and enjoy the wide variety of songs you play. I would love to see and hear your arrangement of Jack Johnson's "Belle" or John Mayer's "Stop this train". They are beautiful tunes on their own, but came to my mind while watching your videos. I wish you much luck and success in your bright future. You are a lovely young lady and I pray your success brings you much joy and happiness!! You have brought joy and inspiration to my children and I. God Bless!!
Thank you leende
My husband was trying to find a nice way to apologize, and sent me a link to one of your songs. It changed everything for me this morning. Beautiful music, thank you for sharing.
Thank You leende
Sean Stettmier 
Hi Gabriel, Your fingerstyle is beautifully played and sounding too hear. tummen upp tummen upp ros
Rolin Erazo 
Gabriela le escribo desde Tegucigalpa Honduras, le felicito toca la Guitarra bello como un Ángel De Dios en la Tierra, su música semeja escuchar pajarillos alegres al amanecer por ver el sol salir...Me encanta como toca Here comes The sun de los BeatleS, yo soy Fan de Los Beatles y ahora me sumo a Usted como fan, le felicito y siga adelante, su música la compartiré con Todos mis Amigos de Wasap grupal de mi generación tengo 44 años, para que también tengan el grato gusto de escuchar su guitarra, me ha dejado maravillado que lindo toca...Felicidades y Bendiciones
Muchas gracias leende
Byron Ellis 
I have enjoyed very much watching your videos on Youtube - especially "Here Comes the Sun," and "While my Guitar Gently Weeps," among others. Well done! I'm a 69 year old retired pilot and sometime finger style player. My longtime passion is bossa nova. I just wanted to say I admire your talent and am motivated to practice after watching your performances!
Alonso Chacón 
Gabriella Quevedo. Excelente y bella guitarrista.
Posee un talento Extraordinario.
Fred Hanson 
Where can I purchase your recordings? Love your music!
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