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Hi Gabriella, I just happened to stumble across one of your videos on youtube. Your incredibly gifted and a natural on the guitar! I think I have found the new way I want to play my guitar since I can't sing.
Flaminia Schäfer
YOU ARE AMAZING! Thanks for brightening up my world leende I hope I can see you live someday.
Best of wishes from Munich,
Flaminia Schäfer
YOU ARE AMAZING! Thanks for brightening up my world leende I hope I can see you live someday.
Best of wishes from Munich,
Mariano Feldman
Hola Gabriela,
mi nombre es Mariano, soy argentino pero vivo en Canada, en el norte de Quebec. Me alegra saber que tu padre es compatriota y te contagio el amor por la musica. Te escribo en español porque me imagino que aprendste gracias a él. Yo soy biólogo, pero mi otra pasión es la guitarra, y tus videos son inspiradores. El sonido de tu guitarra es maravilloso, ojala pueda sonar el 10% de lo que tu suenas. Me preguntaba si tus arreglos estan escitos en alguna parte, o si los vendes en alguna pagina, porque me es dificil seguirte con los videos. Bueno, mucha suerte, tu talento es inevitable, ojala alguna vez pueda verte tocar en vivo. Muchos éxitos!
Delio Lazaro
This girl plays a lot. Congratulations.
Hi just wanted to know if you have or are going to sell your arrangements in a fingerstyle songbook? There is a big market for great arrangements on acoustic guitars. I hope so you have a great talent. Paece
Mr. Lekanart Weerakowit
Don't have.
I would like to know if you plan to show in Thailand.
Jim Haberly
Hi Gabriella!

I REALLY enjoy your work bringing great music to the guitar. You do such an incredible job. Your playing is fantastic and I really like the heart you put into it. I REALLY hope to see you play in the US some time. I would really enjoy an evening of guitar and your playing.

By the way... I live a few miles from Sweetwater Sound. They have wonderful indoor and outdoor concert halls, a recording studio, etc.. I'd love to see you playing at Gearfest or something like that in the future. I know many of the people at Sweetwater so be sure and let me know if I can help make something happen.

Also... We all love those New Years videos! It's so fun to see a little of the real you hear you say hi to everyone!

Cheers Gabriella!

David Endsley
Gabriella, do you have an album that can be purchased? I love your music and would love to have any and all of your album's.
No sorry, I only have music on Spotify.
Thank You leende
Yohanan Lee
Hi. Gabriella.

This is Yohanan Lee.
I became your fan 3 years.
This is my first time to greet you with mail.
I am a korean in Israel.
I have a tour agency in Israel for Christians.

I like to play guiter. And i like to listen your playing.

I hope to listen your playing guiter continuesly. And someday
I'd like to see your music performance.
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