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2018-08-06 13:30
lottie wahlin
Thank you so much Anne for an interesting and soulfull reading. There were many things to both recognize and reflect further. Love/Lottie
Thank you Lottie for giving me the honor to do the Reading for you. Much love & light Anne
2018-05-26 21:13
Sheri Myers
I recieved this Review from Sheri Myers, producer and writer, The Glitch Movie, Thank you Sheri and it was my delight and honor to do the Soul Realignment Reading for you. Much love & light

As the host of HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS podcast, I have interviewed people from all over the world who work with Angels and Divine Energy to bring healing to those of us who are struggling.  Anne is INCREDIBLE.  She honored me with a Soul Realignment healing and I am SO ASTONISHED and so GRATEFUL!  She read my deep past from the Ashashic Records... and revealed to me issues I felt but could not quite heal. Now I am on the path to a shedding that which no longer belongs to me.  I feel empowered, hopeful, and lighter.  I urge you to gift yourself with this experience.  And please listen to our interview on HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS.   It's beautiful!   
2018-05-07 21:49
Eftychia Ioannidou
Ann read my Akashic Records and really found a lot about my life that sued. She is a warm and friendly person who listens to what the problem is and tries to help. Her taro readings always match and she explains everything so well. She stays close to her customer even after reading. you get a nice friend! Thanks Ann!
2017-12-01 18:48
An amazing reading session with Anne. She's simply awesome. Such a clear picture shown to me , what a beautiful and amazing explanation for the Soul realignment reading. If you really need clarity of your soul purpose, a MUST HAVE reading from her. God bless you Anne. :*
Thank you Neetu! It was my pleasure and honor to do the reading for you.
Love & light
2017-12-01 16:17
Carrie M Bush
This is a review I recieved from a beautiful soul I did a Soul Realignment Reading for yesterday.

Had a wonderful Soul Realignment Reading today. The detail was mind blowing, and the reading really connected with me. Ann goes over and above to explain the reading to you afterwards. I would highly recommend - you won't be disappointed!
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