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Htoo Ko Ko 
You inspired me.
Please tour the USA!!! I love your music!
Robert Jackson 
Hi Gabriella...will you be releasing your first cd this year (2017)? If not when? Also do you plan to tour the US in the future?
Sincerely Robert
I have plans to record my first CD soon leende
Sherwin Jeremy Atkins 
Please send me the tabs if possible
Alonso Chacón 
Hola Gabriella. Vas a sacar al mercado un Cd de tus interpretaciones
David Pinkerton 
Hi Gabriella!
I am a new fan. I just saw your You Tube videos. You're an amazing guitarist! hjärta I have always loved guitar music since I was young, electric, acoustic, 6 and 12 string. Everything from Eric Clapton to Andres Segovia. I used to play music (drums) but health forced me to stop. I hope you have a long, successful career ahead of you! I look forward to more music and maybe see you on tour in the U.S. someday leende Peace and love...David
Hi You an outstanding guitarist and wonderful to listen to. Being that you play all types of music how about doing Crazy on you by Heart? I would love to hear the whole song finger picked. Keep up the great playing. Rupe
David Creech 
Please come to Spoleto in Charleston, South Carolina in the United States & perform.
You are awesome! Thank you for lots of amazing emotions while listening your records! Keep it up! Best wishes from Russia.
Charles Wathen 
I don't have a home page, but I sure love your playing and your smile. I'm a 64 year-old geezer and You are a sweatheart.
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