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Thank you, Gabriella, for sharing your talent with us. I am a professor of Spanish and begin each class with (Spanish) guitar music. You are a regular feature in my classes, and my students love you.
Patrick Boccio
Your playing is spectacular! If you ever make it to the USA, I hope you play a show nearby.

Du är spektakulär! Om du någonsin kommer till Förenta staterna hoppas jag att du spelar en show i närheten.
Hi Gabriella

You are a true inspiration. I can imagine the countless hours of practice behind these impeccable and great sounding videos you have on Youtube. They egg me on to practice. Lot of respect and well wishes. You should come play in India sometime. Keep spreading the joy.

Michael Thiem
Just wanted to say that your music is beautiful and you inspire me to practice more. Hope you will play in the United States in the future. Also, what Taylor model are you playing in your videos. thanks again for sharing your music.
Duane Young
So amazed by your talent! And your beauty! You truly a gift to this world! Finding you has brightend my world and your energy and smile has lifted mine! The joy you are spreading with your music is what keeps live moving forward. Thank you for sharing your gift! You have and are changing the world and no one can every take that away from you!! ros
carl w zeller
i am a 71 year old man who broke his arm 7 months ago and gave up on my guitar. I listen to your music and i am inspired. Your music brings tears to my eyes, you are so talented and beautiful. thanks for sharing your joy for music.
Thank you leende
Hi Gabriella, nice work! love your playing. tummen upp Which guitar do you use?
Kind regards from germany. Jens
Hi, thank you, I'm using Taylor 914,814 and GC8 custom leende
Simply thank you for the pleasure i have to listen to you. I enjoy and play guitar as an amateur. Just continue. Gilles (from Avignon in France)
Jim Wallace
Love your music and playing style. Do you ever tour the U.S. ?
Je vous admire mon rossignol.
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