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Paschal baugh
Hi Gabriella. I am a huge fan of your talent. the above link is a song i wrote. I would be honoured if you did your magic with it.
Ur amazing, u rock my bones to separate from my muscles...

Hi, I am jelly now, are you peanut butter? *sigh*

Thx for that homegrown rocking! Who inspires ur ur play these days? hjärta
wisshh u had a patreon... would Love to hear you play some Greg Brown hjärta
Dato' Ahmad Saruji Abdul Aziz
I enjoyed listening to your guitar presentation hjärta
Julian Alejandro Ortiz Fernandez
hola gabriella me encanta verte tocar, por que haces musica de manera hermosa y ademas eres muy linda, espero conocerte algún día
soy tu admirador ros
I think this website share some of your tabulation to try. But, still hjärta your videos. ros
upp stort flin
Omar Rodrigo Harris Maytin
He seguido sus interpretaciones desde hace algún tiempo. Después de 30 años retomo la guitarra y uno se puede sentir tan obsoleto. Lo que daría por una hora de su tiempo para absorber todo lo que pudiera sobre cómo tocar guitarra de la forma como lo hace usted.

Omar desde Panamá
Mitchell Quintanilla
Greetings Gabriella! Thanks for all the music that you create, it's amazing and I hope you have many years of continuing to play.
Mike Snyder
listening and watching you play is total enjoyment looking forward to the new you will produce. Thank you
i like you videos in your youtube channel.
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