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  stort flin undrande lugn gråter dreglar glad arg ledsen sömnig leende förvånad retsam hjärta ros tummen upp tummen ner
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2019-02-07 05:37
Renate MIlner
looking forward to read your website. Thank you for taking the time to post hjärta
2019-02-06 11:05
CM Thing
hjärta hjärtaExcellent site with lots of info on hoya hjärta
2019-02-05 23:54
Sharon Banister
Do you have a mailing list? Please add me
2018-11-18 19:46
What a wonderful site! I started much like you: I inherited my mothers hoyas (H publicalyx),both whom are at least 35 years old. The thing is I've had them for 20 years and they've never bloomed. They are allowed to get potbound and have only been transplanted about 3 times, have very bright light with some sun in the afternoon, an overhead ceiling fan, and haven't been moved. I feed them from spring to fall and allow them to dry out before watering again. I also raise epis, orchids and huernia stapelias, all whom have bloomed for me every year. Hoping to find the golden tidbit that helps my hoyas to bloom! Thanks!
2018-10-28 23:35
This message is private
2018-10-28 23:33
This message is private
2018-10-20 15:46
Just came home from Plantagen with my first Hoya Linearis. Thank you for this page. I will be a regular visitor here hjärta
2018-10-16 03:49
altamirano gutierrez
2018-10-07 22:47
Dawne Coleman
Love your site!
2018-10-06 05:59
Thank you for your awesome information on Hoya, just wish they were easier to obtain in our wonderful country NZ. tummen upp
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